Thursday, March 20, 2014

Who Was Harry?

This blog is dedicated to my grandfather, Harry E. Sheetz. He was a stocky fellow all of 5' 2", and after selling the Historic Scott House to my parents, built a small house on the grounds for he and my grandmother. Grandpa Sheetz was a very curious and feisty man, and always enjoyed being in the center of activity. One of his favorite pasttimes was to sit on his lawn chair and look out at the world to see what was happening. He was disappointed when my father planted a row of pine trees because it obstructed his view! If he were here today, he'd be reading this blog to find out what is happening! So my friends, I hope you enjoy this blog, which will feature upcoming events and other fun tidbits, creative information, and of course, a bit of history now and then! All best, James

Our New Blog!

Welcome to Harry's Happenings - the new blog for the Historic Scott House! We'll be letting you know about upcoming events, and about what's happening on the shores of Lac La Belle. Enjoy!